To purchase any large or small quilt directly, click on the button and follow cart instructions to pay for quilt. *Note: All quilt prices quoted include shipping, and the item will ship within 1 week.

To inquire on purchasing, commissioning a custom quilt or exhibiting Rose’s available quilts please contact Rose directly.

Care & Hanging for your Art Quilt

Rose’s art quilts are constructed with her Fast-Piece Applique method generally with hand-dyed/hand-painted and commercial silk, cotton and velveteen fabrics used together along with a variety of yarns, metallic threads, embroidery threads, and beads. Battings are cotton or wool.

Quilt Care
Quilts are for display only and are not to be washed or laundered. To clean a quilt, carefully shake off the dust or vacuum the quilt surface through a piece of netting.

Do not expose the quilt to direct sunlight, and in general do not handle the quilt more than necessary.

Quilt Display
Smaller quilts may have a hanging pocket attached to the upper edge of back of the quilt, stretched or others have a wire hanging wire attached.

Larger quilts have a hanging pocket applied to the back of the quilt for flat wooden stick that can be attached to the wall directly, or have eye-hooks attached to either end for hanging purposes.

Other options are to display your smaller quilts in a shadow box frame (making sure the glass does not touch the fabric).