lutradur packet
crewel needles
pellon 845

Rose Hughes-Tools-Beading needles

Play is important part of the creative
process, and Lutradur lets one
play happily in many media.

5-pieces 5.75" x 8.75"

The perfect needle for my 'dimentional stitching' is an 2 crewel, and these needles are my favorites for the job!

DRITZ - Crewel #2

package of 12 needles
When using silk in my quilts I always prepare it by ironing-on a lightweight interfacing before cutting up the fabric. Stops any fraying. My favorite interfacing:

Pellon - Iron-on 845F Interfacing
20" wide x 2 yards

The perfect needle for my 'bead quilting' process is an 11 sharp. These John James needles do the job perfectly!

John James 11 - Sharps

package of 25 needles
This double-sided wonder has been a dear friend for a long time. What I like best is threading up 8-10 needles at a time. Ready to get stitching quickly!

Clover Needle Threader

When Iíve threaded up those needles using my Clover needle threader I need a place to keep them handy. The Needle Strawberry does double duty by keeping my needles close by and sharp!

Needle Strawberry

A quilter needs to be able to make their mark, and the Chaco-liner is a must have. I use constantly as I start quilting and embellishing!

Clover Chaco-liner

Travelling and stitching without this little cutter may be difficult. Iím not willing to loose a favorite small scissors and this tool passes through security with flying colors.

Clover Thread cutter


Many of the items on this page are those that I carry with me everywhere in a small red box. My daughter, Dawn, calls it my Ďsurvival kití. She believes everyone needs one and has helped me come up this fun version. Each of the starred items being sold separately are found packaged together here in my Stitching Survival Kit.

Stiching Survival Kit


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