What's On Top..... EMBELLISHMENTS I !

That's what.  In this class we'll explore the varied and delightfully creative forms embellishments can take in our work, and how you can use them to add drama, whimsy, character and sparkle to your quilts.

You will learn the skills for adding beads, bangles, buttons, found objects, personal trinkets and treasures, and even paper to your fabric art. Plus how to add and layer these embellishment elements by hand or by machine. 

In addition, you will discover a new kind of quilt sandwich, a unique design element created by turning, couching and fusing your favorite fabrics.  With this layer-upon-layer technique, your projects will be dressed up for show-and-tell, top to bottom and bottom to top, with a story you will tell through fabric, imagination ­­ and embellishments!


Length: Six hours Level: Intermediate to Advanced




What's On Top..... EMBELLISHMENTS II !

In Embellishments I Rose introduces us to skill for beading and using fabric for embellishment. As part of this new workshop Rose shows you just how much fun you can have using just two complimentary colors of paint along with various products to redesign the surface of your fabrics..

You’ll explore and play… the learning will sneak in there and by the end of the workshop you’re going to have a tough time deciding just which methods you enjoy using the most.


Length: Six hours Levels: All