My Summer Vacation NEW!

You’ve returned home from vacationing in the mountains, or at the beach, or Disney World. Now you can take all those little treasures from your time away and pull them together in one special quilt. In this workshop you’ll take your favorite vacation postcards, photos and souvenirs & trinkets and turn them into a unique, colorful remembrance of your special get away.

Spend two days learning to translate your mementos into a unique design, then learn how to use Fast-Piece Appliqué™ to create your one of a kind artful quilt and lots of different ways to incorporate all those special little ‘vacation trinkets’ to your quilt.

You’ll take home a unique piece, created from an original design based on your vacation, along with the knowledge of Rose’s special Fast-Piece Appliqué™ method that will allow you to use quickly and easily add curves and circles to future projects.



Length: Six hours (each day) Level: Intermediate