We are surrounded by color every day of our lives, but just how do we capture what color inspires in us, what it makes us feel and fantasize, so we can incorporate it into our fabric creations? This lecture provides participants with a valuable overview and grounding in color basics, but then takes them far beyond into the exploration of how color can be used to personalize and concretize ones own vision. Each person will learn to see their colors, the colors of their own life, and then learn to trust what they see and to incorporate these color palettes into their quilts.



The Organized Quilter


We all live busy, chock-full of stuff lives, but don't we also want to have dream time to pull that quilt design out of our heads, and creating time to make that dream into a stunning and beautiful reality? As a project manager for a large technology company by day, and a prolific quilt artist by night (or morning, weekend, whatever), I will share the multitude of ways I have found to carve out creative time, also known as time-out-of-time . And since others may have an organizing story or a special technique to share, we will pool our knowledge for getting our life clocks set onto quilt time .



Raven...Wisdom In Life & In Quilts: Trunk Show

Like many other artisans, we quilters have our limits, our sense of the acceptable – what is in and what is out. But for me raven, the trickster, came and pointed me towards a gateway in my imagination. Raven entered my life and chiseled away at the boundaries established by the ‘Quilt Police'. And Raven is there for all of us, encouraging us to explore and express our own personal images, and making sure there are always some who cross the threshold to playful creativity. Here I will share the quilts that have found their way into my life during my boundary crossings.

Scavenger Hunt

Embellishment Scavenger Hunt

Take an historical and modern day embellishment safari, discover the how and why of some of our old time favorite embellishments, and join as we travel and enjoy the discovery of color, texture and fun of today’s favorites.

Then for Grand & Fun Finale: We’ll have ourselves our own Handbag Embellishment Scavenger Hunt.