I am available to do commission work that invites your creative input while meeting your home, office and corporate design specifications .

Art is very personal.

The artwork that graces your home or office reveals to others, immediately and directly, a deeper truth about who you are. If you want to be surrounded by art that creates a special mo od, that soothes, revitalizes or just makes your spirits soar then I can help you by creating that especially inspiring art quilt,


Every piece is meticulously hand done from new materials . Most projects can be completed and shipped 4-8* weeks after a work order contract is signed, and may be shipped worldwide.

(*dependent on previously scheduled commissions, size/complexity of the quilt and traveling schedule).

The commission process begins with Design Services that includes:

A design service fee of $250 is due prior to client interview. At contract signing the design service fee is subtracted from the total cost of the commission.

Client interview

Here you have an opportunity to share with me your ideas and details that you would like to be part of the finished work. Some areas we will cover are:

o        Size of the quilt you would like and budget for the work

o        Location the piece will occupy

o        Your ideas about colors and/or photographs of the site or personal landscapes you admire

o        An idea of what about my work and style attracted you

o        When do you need the commission completed

Sketch development & delivery

With an understanding of your wishes I develop two different sketches that are forwarded to you along with fabric and embellishment samples for approval.

Contract delivery

The contract is forwarded along with the delivery of your sketches.

Work is scheduled and started once the contract is signed and returned with a 50% deposit. On scheduled delivery the remaining 50% is due.


Each commission piece varies. Pricing is based on the size and complexity of the work commissioned. The pricing provided in the contract is for the work and shipment of the final piece within the continental US. Any installation fees, designer/architect fees, etc. will be additional, (unless agreed to at contract signing), and will be added to the total price and is due on delivery.

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