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Fast-Piece Applique
Easy, Artful Quilts by Machine

Open your stitching doors to infinite possibilites!

Create enchanting three-panel quilt designs with spectacular results using Rose's easy Fast-Piece Applique method. Beginners and experts alike will enjoy these 11 inspiring patterns from talented designer Rose Hughes.

Learn to simplify complex images and incorporate them into strong, striking quilts.

Make a single panel or several; display individually, in groupings, or stitched together into full quilts.

Stitching and embellishing options add rich texture to your projects.

Paperbound, 8.5 x 11


Design, Create & Quilt:
How to Design a Quilt--Lessons, Techniques & Patterns

Learn while you do!
Jump in and have fun playing with the design element basics.

Then enjoy using Fast-Piece Appliqué™ in many new ways; all provided here through the many varied projects. There is something for everyone, for this method can be used for creating quilts in any genre.

The learning is made easy. Illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to create with Fast-Piece Appliqué™ guide you, and there are loads of on subjects ranging from - couching yarns to replenishing your creativity.

Each page shows you how this easy construction method puts 'fun' into your quilt projects and opens up the doors to your own creativity.

Paperbound, 8.5 x 11

Exploring Embellishments Cover

Exploring Embellishments:
More Artful Quilts with Fast-Piece Appliqué

Embellishments - FUN! Come  along on a journey to discover new tools, new materials and new methods to create unique, personal embellishments that cry out for attention.

Not only will you get guidance for selecting fabrics, yarns and beads, but you'll also get illustrated step-by-step instructions to create with Fast-Piece Appliqué™ in a new way using only two fabrics to create exciting backgrounds to show off those wonderful new embellishments.

There are loads of great projects and after exploring and trying your hand at creating your own embellishments, you can kick back to enjoy the galleries in this new book. The first contains many of Rose's favorite raven quilts there’s even a second gallery of guest artists!
Paperbound, 8.5 x 11 $26.99

Dream Landsacpe Cover Dream Landscapes:
Artful Quilts Made with Fast-Piece Appliqué

Have you ever looked at a beautiful scene or a wonderful design, noted curves or irregular angles and said to yourself, “there's no way I could ever make that out of fabric?  With this book you’ll find freedom from squares and blocks.
Learn the basics on selecting fabrics, yarns and beads, and follow it up with wonderfully illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to Fast-Piece Appliqué™, the stitching method that combines simple straight-stitch piecing with machine appliqué to produce shapes that are normally very difficult to piece. While working through the landscape projects provided you’ll also learn how to couch yarns, stitch and bead to create sparkle, texture and dimension, and see just how easy it is to add curves and circles to your quilts.
After discovering how easy creating a landscape can be, the final chapter is devoted to sharing with you how to create your own quilt art designs from photographs and life.
Paperbound, 8.5 x 11



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