rose hughes cover exploring embellishments

Exploring Embellishments:
More Artful Quilts with Fast-Piece Appliqué

Embellishments = FUN! And, in this book Rose takes everyone along on a journey to discover new tools, new materials and new methods to create unique, personal embellishments that cry out for attention.

Not only will you get guidance for selecting fabrics, yarns and beads, but you'll also get illustrated step-by-step instructions to create with Fast-Piece Appliqué™ in a new way using only two fabrics to create exciting backgrounds to show off those wonderful new embellishments.

There are loads of great projects, but even better is that Rose fills your personal Bag o'Tools with new skills that you can call on way beyond working the projects here. With this in mind, the book is rounded off with chapter on designing from nature and taking it from realistic to abstract.

After exploring and trying your hand at creating your own embellishments, you can kick back to enjoy the galleries in this new book. The first contains many of Rose's favorite raven quilts and other pieces by her that show off 'star' embellishments. Additionally, there is a gallery of guest artists, each invited to show you even more ways to use the various methods taught throughout this fun and informative book!

Paperbound, 8.5 x 11, 96 pages


Dream Landscapes:
Artful Quilts Made with Fast-Piece Appliqué

Have you ever looked at a beautiful scene or a wonderful design, noted curves or irregular angles and said to yourself, “there's no way I could ever make that out of fabric”?  When the beauty of the landscape filled author Rose Hughes' imagination she set out gathering valuable information in order to find a way to create a technique that provides us with freedom from squares and blocks.

In this book Rose shares her simple and highly sought-after technique, Fast-Piece Appliqué™. It combines simple straight-stitch piecing methods with machine appliqué to produce shapes that are normally very difficult to piece. Curves and circles are now easily added to your work. “With this method the doors are opened to creating both the larger landscapes we travel through and the inner landscapes we create in our hearts.”

This book begins with a primer on selecting fabrics, yarns and beads. You get illustrated step-by-step instructions to learn Fast-Piece Appliqué™, couching yarns, and how to stitch and bead by machine and hand so you will transform fabric easily and create sparkle, texture and dimension, achieving wondrous effects found in the landscape.

The five quilt projects build upon the basics of Fast-Piece Appliqué™ and continue to provide guidance and ideas that add layers of excitement and life to your quilts. In the final chapter Rose shares her method of creating quilt art designs from photographs and life, captured in her journals. You'll go on to create your own personal journals , capturing the fine details to include in your own Dream Landscapes.

An inspirational gallery of Rose 's landscape quilts and those of several of her students all using the Fast-Piece Appliqué™ method of construction is also included, and giving readers ideas and confidence to make the quilts they envision.

Paperbound, 8.5 x 11, 96 pages